Knowledge Management supercharged by AI.

Knowledge Management supercharged by AI.

Our DMS software finds anything with just one search away

Every day hours are spent helplessly searching for files across internal data silos and dms system. alexandrya enables you to automatically tag and centralises all your company wide documents. Superior search, collaboration and remote knowledge spillovers are just a few of the benefits. Find anything from anywhere with our supercharged machine learning technology.

alexandrya connects all your data sources and gives you a centralised search tool.

Our AI helps achieve more precise search result than any other DMS before.

Instant 10% productivity boost and cut 100% of effort managing internal knowledge.

Level up your remote-desk and get access to all relevant files – no matter where you are.


[...] a searchable record of knowledge can reduce, by as much as 35 percent, the time employees spend searching for company information.

Dr. Michael Chui
Partner - McKinsey Global Institute

DMS software that makes the difference

Powered by cutting-edge AI, alexandrya overcomes the challenge with finding internal files and information. With our NLP we are the first DMS on the market to empower full-text search in Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files.